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E-Cig Shop Barnsley. Wombwell - Totally Wicked

Established in 2012, our Wombwell shop was originally called Totally Inspired and we were the first electronic cigarette shop in the Barnsley area. Over the years, we have helped thousands of people switch to ecigs and have made many good friends along the way.

As well as stocking Totally Wicked’s quality products, we have always put the customer first and we pride ourselves the help and expert advice we offer. Our staff have over 20 years of experience of using electronic cigarettes and we were all smokers.

This shop still has the feeling of a local corner shop even though the surroundings have changed over the years and the range of devices and e- liquids we stock has increased massively. Pop in for a chat or for honest help and advice, whether you are smokers or a vaper and whether you use TW products or other brands.

E-Cig Shop Barnsley

For more information on our range of products, call the shop on 01226 750832 or use the contact form below and we will respond within 24 hours or sooner

Meet the Totally Wicked Barnsley Team


*I smoked for 23 years and really enjoyed smoking. However, when my children were born, I tried to stop. I tried NRT and had some success whilst receiving support from the Stop Smoking Services, but slipped back into smoking heavily after that support ended. In June 2009, I was introduced to electronic cigarettes by a work colleague and after a lot of research on the internet, I bought my first kit.

I was amazed at the concept. It replicated almost all of what I enjoyed about smoking and I became obsessed with them. As there were no shops at the time, I spent a lot of time on internet forums, organised and attended social events where e-cigarette users would get together and tried to tell everyone and anybody about these life changing devices.

In 2012, I realised that the only way I could get the word out about e-cigarettes was to set up a bricks and mortar shop. We opened our Wombwell shop in October 2012 and were the first specialist e-cigarette shop in the Barnsley area. Since then we have helped 1000s of people with their transition from smoking to using e-cigarettes, something which I am very proud of.”


“I started smoking after I left school. I don’t know why maybe it was peer pressure, or maybe it was the fact that all my family smoked, in fact, just about everyone smoked. I enjoyed smoking, loved the taste and the smell. Waking up in a morning and lighting up that first cigarette was a great way to start the day.

Roll on 25 years and I still enjoyed it. Smoking by this time was seen as anti-social and smokers were being ostracised. Smoking was an expensive habit, I was now using rolling tobacco to save pennies. On internet forums, I’d heard of an even cheaper way to smoke, e-cigarettes.

After doing a bit of research I bought my first e-cig, an ego-t, from eBay, it didn’t work! I complained and got a replacement atomiser, which also didn’t work! Searching online I found a shop not too far away from me that sold them.  As I stood outside looking in the window, I didn’t realise that the roll-up I was smoking would be my last. Nearly 5 years later, I feel healthier, can taste food again and don’t smell like an ashtray.

I have found my healthier, cheaper way to smoking, an e-cigarette.”



“I started smoking at school and I didn’t really want to stop as I enjoyed it. When my husband discovered ecigs, in 2009, he sort of pushed me into trying them. I didn’t get on with them as they made me choke. As the months went on, I saw that he didn’t need to smoke and was saving us a lot of money, so when he set up his shop, I decided to give them another go.

It took me quite a while to find the right ecig and flavour for me, but with the help of Russell at the Wombwell shop, I have now been smoke free for over 4 years. I feel much better in myself and I’ve used the money I’ve saved to treat myself to 3 or 4 holidays a year. I now love helping other people to find the right ecig for them and have helped many family members, friends and customers become smoke free.”

Our E-Cig Shop Barnsley, Wombwell - Totally Wicked

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